Sustainability Spotlight: Driving Smart, Data-driven Solutions with Attacq Limited

In this month's sustainability spotlight, we are proud to showcase Attacq Limited, a long-standing GCX client that is a leader in using data to inform their climate strategies and to drive their sustainability performance.

Attacq Limited is a long-standing client of GCX – a partnership that started with GCX analysing the REIT’s carbon footprint, assisting in developing the company’s CDP report submissions and facilitating the development of the company’s corporate sustainability journey and goals. In June 2020, Attacq became a GCX DASH- client and has since, through the platform and associated advisory services, unlocked value across its portfolio ever since.

Attacq is an industry leader in the real estate sector, with its smart city development, Waterfall City. The company has a mature understanding and application of sustainability principles across its business and has aligned its organisational principles with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), as well as the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Attacq is an active participant of the FTSE4Good sustainability index and participates in the MSCI Green Index and ESG rating framework.

Attacq’s property portfolio stretches across multiple sectors and places an emphasis on green buildings, having a substantial proportion of buildings either LEED or GBCSA Green Star-certified. Ensuring that, at an operational level, buildings are meeting green certification requirements, which requires an accurate building baseline from which to measure performance.

GCX likes to have a champion, a point of contact throughout the implementation and operation of DASH- within the companies we work with. Our champion at Attacq, Kyra Rautenbach, is responsible for the company’s environmental impacts and strategy. Coming from an engineering background, Kyra has a deep understanding of the design, operations and impact of the Attacq portfolio and is a super-user of GCX DASH-.

“Utility and emission performance data and its insights are a critical requirement if we are to be truly efficient, resilient and smart in the way we plan, design and operate our portfolio including our city, infrastructure and buildings both now and in the future. GCX DASH- has been a significant step in the right direction and it has given us the foundation necessary to make strategic decisions in line with this objective.”

Kyra Rautenbach, Sustainability Manager, Attacq Limited

Attacq has been taking advantage of all that GCX DASH- has to offer, from using the monthly reports across its portfolio at sector and operations manager level and informing strategic decision-making to understanding where the company can improve on its performance and managing the tenants of its properties. Consolidating data at a portfolio level can be a cumbersome task, even more so with a portfolio as large as Attacq’s. With the added task of reporting to frameworks and standards such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and FTSE4Good, having on-demand access to relevant and consolidated (or disaggregated) data has been the key value driver of GCX DASH- to Attacq.

GCX DASH- not only provides a consolidated view of performance across the Attacq portfolio but has ensured environmental data confidence. Having reliable data is the point of departure for setting accurate targets, improving performance, and implementing measures to meet targets. In conjunction with the data reliability provided by the GCX DASH-, Attacq has been working with GCX Consult on the development and delivery of an ambitious emission reduction strategy. Attacq is in the process of setting ambitious Science Based Targets (SBTs) and is undertaking energy audits across various property sectors within its portfolio. The purpose of these audits is to identify opportunities for the reduction of emissions at each of its properties, so that clear action plans for meeting the SBTs can be implemented. GCX is proud to be working with Attacq on its mission to do its part in mitigating the effects of climate change.

“In developing data-driven, bottom-up action plans based on achievable emission reductions, Attacq is paving the way for not only setting but achieving top-down Science Based Targets aligned to a 1.5 Degree Pathway that can be distilled at an asset and/or sector level. This approach will help the group maximise on the full potential of efficiency and rooftop solar and identify early on any alternative emission reduction requirements to meet their targets.”

Ohad Shachar, Sustainability Director, GCX

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