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The Environmental, Digital and Financial Nexus.

GCX is an environmental sustainability company that provides innovative tools and expertise to large, complex organisations to set and track more ambitious environmental sustainability targets.

At GCX we are proud to be considered by our customers as a trusted partner, delivering environmental expertise by converting data into insights and business intelligence that inform good business decision-making that improves profitability and creates value for all stakeholders.

Our customers choose us because we are unbiased, and we are passionate about providing one accurate view of their environmental performance.

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To inspire leaders to confidently adapt their organisations to create a better world.

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of environmental, technology and business experts committed to helping businesses measure and manage all aspects of their environmental and business performance.

Kevin James

Kevin James


Kevin leads a dedicated team of strategic environmental sustainability and project management experts. He and his team actively support the transformation of large, complex organisations into more responsible and valuable entities by unlocking fast-emerging green economy opportunities.

As a professional with deep experience in strategic corporate sustainability as well as in the development of green, low carbon projects, Kevin and his team have developed sector-leading technology within the design and implementation of business intelligence analytics. Kevin also holds non-executive Directorship in The Green Building Council South Africa.

Ohad Shachar

Ohad Shachar


Ohad joined GCX in 2008 and has over 15 years of sustainability management consultancy experience, specialising in the development and delivery of climate change response programmes. This has included carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessments, GHG verification services, CDP reporting and GHG mitigation and adaptation strategies – all of which he has implemented with a portfolio of JSE-listed companies across various sectors such as Property, Insurance, Finance, Mining and Fisheries.

Ohad has co-authored various climate adaptation studies in agricultural and insurance sectors, and has assisted companies and cities in developing innovative climate risk and vulnerability assessment tools. He has a BSC Hons in Biochemistry, and an MPhil in Environmental Management.

Bernard Jacobs

Bernard Jacobs


After 14 years in the marine water sector Bernard joined GCX in 2013 and initially focused on water sustainability at corporate level. It was this process that highlighted that “most” corporates, with all good intentions, do not have the know-how, ability or understanding of how to go about gathering, managing and reporting responsible data.

During his tenure at GCX, Bernard combined his formal accounting training, his IT skills and worked together with the highly skilled technical team at GCX and its associates to develop the GCX Eco-Analytics dashboard and reporting platform.

Sandra Ririe

Sandra Ririe


Sandra is responsible for the financial and operational management of GCX. She brings rigour and discipline to the organisation’s finances and executes our strategy through efficient and sustainable operations management. Prior to joining GCX in 2012, she worked with a variety of companies to optimise their administrative processes and to build capacity internally, with a specialised focus on customer relationship management. Sandra holds a BComm Financial Accounting Degree from Stellenbosch University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management from the University of Cape Town.

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