Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

GCX will assist you in improving your ESG reporting and performance, and unlock additional value for all stakeholders

Sustainable business means:

creating shared value.
resource efficiency.
future proofing.
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Investors are increasingly considering ESG issues to help manage investment risks. ESG performance ratings and reports inform investors about a company’s efforts to mitigate risks and generate sustainable long-term financial returns. A strong ESG proposition can therefore create enormous business value across the enterprise.

Currently, the ESG landscape is fragmented and confusing with many standards, frameworks and reporting tools. GCX provides a consolidated framework of ESG reporting that assists boards and executives to meet global ESG reporting standards and sector-specific requirements.

Typically, GCX’s initial engagement starts with a high-level review of strategic ESG metrics unique to your business. This is then followed by a deeper analysis of your ESG material risks. Depending on your businesses’ ESG maturity journey, this process may involve a review of your company’s ESG risks with one of the ratings providers.

As investor pressure on sustainable performance and reporting increases, we recommend that organisations begin by filtering their responses according to material ESG risk factors. Combining the expertise of GCX Consult and the intelligence of GCX Dash-, your material ESG swing factors can be identified and understood with the goal of improving sustainable ESG performance and improved ESG ratings.

GCX also assists clients to develop ESG and sustainability strategies and the associated action plans, as well as bespoke Environmental and Social Management Systems.

Our ESG services Include:
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“Over 50% of all companies reporting ESG data cite a lack of ESG data and analytics as a significant barrier to deeper implementation of sustainable investing.”

– Black Rock Global Client Sustainable Investing Survey July 2021


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