Sustainability Spotlight: Wellness Warehouse

In this month's sustainability spotlight, we showcase our work with leading South African health and wellness retailer, Wellness Warehouse.

We are thrilled to be working with SA’s leading health & wellness retailer, Wellness Warehouse. The company currently has 38 outlets and is on a solid expansion path targeting both additional brick and mortar stores as well as an online presence. Their strategy is led by the development of a solid green foundation upon which to grow the business.

Under the bold leadership of their CEO, Simon Alston, GCX facilitated workshops with his passionate and enthusiastic team to co-create their sustainability roadmap and action plan. 

Given the nature of the market they are serving, the Wellness Warehouse team are of the firm and accurate belief that environmental sustainability needs to be at the core of their brand. They approached GCX to assist them with formalising a roadmap that would define their focus areas and provide practical and implementable actions to guide them in meeting their circularity and climate action goals.

The roadmap was successfully developed, and the company has already started implementing the initial steps that will eventually lead them to meet transformational targets.    

Find out more about how GCX can help you navigate your sustainability journey with our GCX DASH- and GCX Consult solutions. Get in touch here.

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