Sustainability Spotlight: Sea Harvest

In this month's sustainability spotlight, we showcase our work with Sea Harvest.

Sea Harvest is a leading, black-owned, responsible, internationally recognised, vertically integrated seafood and branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) agri-business based in Cape Town with over 4000 employees and operations across South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Australia, and markets across the world. The company has a fleet of over 60 vessels, a significant aquaculture operation and processing plants, cold storage and offices and retail factory shops across South Africa. 
Over the last 8 years, GCX has assisted Sea Harvest with the development of its strategic sustainability goals as well as the annual assessment of its carbon footprint.

Given the impact of some of its commercial activities on global emissions (bunker fuels, refrigerant gases, electricity, logistics etc.) and compliance requirements for carbon tax and mandatory GHG reporting, Sea Harvest required a better way of managing data, analytics and reporting. 
This year, Sea Harvest is going live with the GCX Data Analytics and Sustainability Hub (DASH-) to streamline the monthly flow of financial and non-financial data from their vessels, operational facilities, shops, cold storage and other assets into the cloud and turn it into business intelligence and powerful on-demand reporting. The GHG Protocol is built into DASH- so the carbon footprint is continuously updated and available.

Find out more about how GCX can help you navigate your sustainability journey with our GCX DASH- and GCX Consult solutions. Get in touch here.

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