Sustainability Spotlight: ITL

In this month's sustainability spotlight, we showcase our work with global apparel labelling manufacturing and distribution company, ITL.

A leading, global apparel labelling manufacturing and distribution company, ITL was established over 30 years ago in South Africa. Now headquartered in London,  the company operates in 21 locations around the world. 

With consumers becoming more environmentally aware, demanding more transparency and ethical practices, brands and retailers are heavily investing and focusing on sustainability. ITL understands that the products and solutions they offer need to align to meet these sustainability goals.

As a result, the company has not only widened their offering of sustainable products and solutions but are also are committed to improving sustainability in their manufacturing and distribution processes as well as in their supply chain.

GCX has implemented Data Analytics and Sustainability Hub (DASH-) to help ITL improve the quality and management of their sustainability data and the quality and automation of their sustainability reporting and disclosure. 

DASH- will also provide ITL with full visibility into their performance by benchmarking all environmental aspects against their production and turnover thereby giving the group a current view of their performance based on the intensity of their operations.

Find out more about how GCX can help you navigate your sustainability journey with our GCX DASH- and GCX Consult solutions. Get in touch here.

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