Sun International: Great Hospitality, Positive Environmental Vision

Driving Sun International's sustainability journey with data confidence from GCX.

Sun International is a leading hospitality and entertainment group with a diverse portfolio of resorts, luxury hotels and casinos across eight countries, including South Africa, Chile, Panama and Nigeria.

The Group believes that sustainability in business is a necessity and that decision-making needs to support long-term business success and drive positive social and environmental impacts.

As a leader in the leisure, entertainment, gaming and tourism industry, Sun International is committed to providing memorable experiences for its guests in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Sustainability is central to its operations and integrated into its strategy and decision-making processes.

Sun International partnered with GCX to accelerate the group’s sustainable business practises and help create a clear roadmap to achieve its vision. To get the full picture on GCX’s work with Sun International and the successes that the hospitality Group has achieved, click on the link below.

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