Sustainability Spotlight: GCX Partners with Attacq to Implement GCX DASH- at Waterfall City

The analytics and reporting platform is being implemented across Waterfall City and is backed by GCX's data management, analytics and reporting expertise.

Attacq Ltd is a leading South African-based real estate investment trust (REIT), that is probably best known for the development of the iconic Waterfall City, a mixed-use commercial and residential precinct located north of Johannesburg. The development also has the distinction of being Africa’s first Smart City.

GCX Digital recently embarked on a program to implement its Eco-Analytics Dashboard and Reporting platform across Waterfall City. Attacq partnered with GCX not just in the implementation of an enterprise-wide data analytics tool, but also for their data management, analytics and reporting expertise on various environmental and financial aspects that contribute to the company’s carbon footprint.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be associated with Attacq and look forward to adding value to such an exciting and innovative project,” said GCX Digital Director, Bernard Jacobs.

Future Cities Africa recently chatted to Kyra Rautenbach, Sustainability Manager at Attacq about Smart and sustainability initiatives being planned and implemented at Waterfall City.

The interview provides invaluable insight into the type of initiatives that are considered in the design and construction of a Smart City.

Key Takeaways

Sustainability and Smart initiatives at Waterfall City

In the interview Kyra touches on initiatives including:

  • Energy, especially Photovoltaics.
  • Water-saving and optimisation.
  • Waste management process.
  • Transport and improving traffic system operations.
  • Climate change assessment.
  • Installing a scientific grade weather station that will collect incredible data on the local city climate. This has many uses to assist in building and city design and measuring future impacts on it.
  • The more accurate the data the better the design.
  • Blockchain initiative in the future.
  • Autonomous based tasks like drone mapping.
  • 4D planning to optimise construction processes.

City challenges and Ensuring Inclusiveness

  • Resilience and business continuity coming together and aligning sustainability objectives is critical.
  • She explains how Waterfall City is an inclusive city.
  • Her biggest fear is that we don’t respond to these challenges that adequately address the problem. We need safe and flexible spaces that can accommodate a change of use.

Advice for Students to Stay Positive

  • Your hard work, determination and passion will always shine through.
  • Never give up, there is a reason why you study what you study.
  • Use these uncertain times to adapt your strategy and look for opportunities.
  • Use your youth to your advantage.

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