ACSA Gains International Carbon Accreditation at 4 Top Airports

Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has achieved level 1 accreditation under the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme (ACA) at four of its largest airports – O.R. Tambo, Cape Town, King Shaka and Port Elizabeth International Airports.

ACA is an independent, voluntary programme allowing the assessment and recognition of participating airports’ efforts to manage and reduce their CO₂ emissions.   

The programme provides a unique common framework and tool for active carbon management at airports with measurable results. It covers the operational activities that contribute most to carbon emissions. It is site specific and can be used at any airport as part of its daily environmental management activity and long-term strategy as it helps to guide and support airport environmental management through a process of continual improvement and partnership with its airport stakeholders.

The four levels of carbon accreditation include:

1. Carbon Mapping: Developing a comprehensive carbon footprint that has been verified by an accredited independent 3rd party
2. Carbon Reduction: Evidence-based carbon management practices, including achievement of reduction targets.
3. Carbon Optimisation: All of the above, as well as the inclusion of supply chain emissions in both measurement and management processes.
4. Carbon Neutrality: Offsetting of all remaining emissions via an accredited carbon offset scheme.

The GCX Climate team managed the process on behalf of ACSA. This included:

  • Development and submission of the verification-ready carbon footprint for each airport,
  • Managing the administration process with ACA,
  • Managing the process with the third-party verifier.

Having GCX manage the process ensured that ACSA met its tight deadlines of having the carbon accreditation in time for the company annual reports.

These are the first airports in Southern Africa to achieve this level of certification, and ACSA now joins an international group of prestigious airports around the world that have embarked on the ACA programme.

ACSA hopes to have all nine of its Airports achieve this level of certification shortly. However, level 1 carbon accreditation is just the first step of the journey for ACSA.  The company will soon be looking at expanding its carbon reporting boundaries and setting carbon management and reduction strategies and action plans to take the group of airports into the next and more important levels of carbon accreditation.

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