5 Features We Think You’ll Love

These are the top 5 features that you get with our Eco-Intelligence Dashboards
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Aside from an already accurate, up-to-date online interactive dashboard of all your carbon, energy, water and waste metrics, GCX Analytics provides a whole lot more functionality to help inform your decisions, drive performance within your organisation and disclose relevant information to key stakeholders.

Monthly Analysis

Our carbon, energy, water & waste specialists work with you to analyse the data on the eco-intelligence dashboard so you clearly understand your environmental drivers and the associated resource consumption. 

We identify the most immediate opportunities for you to take advantage of and threats you may need to be wary of.  Helping you steer your organisation to an efficient, profitable and resilient future.

Intensity Metrics

Intensities allow you to see how efficiently your business operates in relation to predetermined metrics.  Depending on your industry and company type you may want to measure:

  • Energy Usage (kWh) per man hour worked
  • Water Usage (kL) per tonne of production
  • Emissions Emitted (tCO2e) per m2

We work with you to determine what the most valuable intensity metrics are for your organisation.  The chosen metrics then get displayed on your Eco-Intelligence dashboard.

Emissions (Carbon Footprint)

An always up-to-date account of your carbon emissions.  You can monitor your carbon emissions, segment your emissions (by property, source, type, and much more) and identify top emission sources in the dynamic online dashboard.

Carbon footprint reporting becomes a breeze.  All environmental data is captured in the system allowing you to instantly generate carbon footprint reports as well as easily communicate and disclose relevant information with stakeholders

Data Checking & Anomaly Detection

How do you know if all your data is correct?  Mistakes happen – data is input incorrectly, people forget to send data, a meter could be faulty, double accounting of data. . .  the list is endless.  GCX Analytics allows you to see all data coming into the system and where it has come from. 

Data that isn’t captured is flagged so you can easily follow-up with facilities or sites that might not have captured data.  Data that is significantly out of the ordinary is flagged so you can easily identify data errors.

Your decisions can only be as good as the data you have.  With easy anomaly detection and data checking you can be assured that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

Benchmarking and Target Tracking

Measurement of environmental efficiency is only half of the equation.  Setting targets allows you to drive real performance and efficiency within your organisation. These can include:

  • Energy efficiency targets
  • Water saving targets
  • Emission reduction targets
  • and Waste minimisation targets

The targets can be set and tracked at a group level as well as at a site or facility level so you can benchmark your facilities and identify underperformers.

If there is anything else you would like to know about GCX Analytics and our Eco-Intelligence Dashboard, please don’t hesitate to ask us a question at info@gcxafrica.co.za or give us a call on +27 (0)21 702 4058

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