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The cutting edge in business intelligence. The GCX online Eco-Analytics dashboard provides on-demand, real-time and meaningful data analytics that drives environmental and business performance.

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  • Drive Environmental Efficiencies

  • Ensure Best Practice Corporate Governance

  • Maximise Data Confidence

Data is a fundamental part of driving sustainability in business and, ultimately, informs Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies and processes. As companies are under increasing pressure from investors and legislators to set more ambitious climate change targets, the need for accurate and reliable data analytics on environmental resource management has become vital.

The GCX Eco-Analytics dashboard doesn’t just deliver data confidence, but business intelligence that empowers companies to make sound commercial decisions and to allocate their resources accordingly. GCX puts you in control to take your business performance to the next level.


Multi-sector Capability
The dashboard and reporting platform can be used in any sector – be it Agriculture, Mining, Retail, Real Estate, Distribution, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, and more.

Competitive Benchmarking
Measure your business performance against your competitors. The online dashboard is a powerful tool to determine asset-based and stakeholder benchmarks across multiple financial and non-financial metrics. This simplifies the process of developing and rolling out strategies that drive your performance.

One Version of the Truth
Get all your environmental data and insights consolidated in one, easy to use online and interactive dashboard and reporting platform.

Enhanced Employee Productivity
The dashboard enables your employees to focus their attention where it matters and not on the time-consuming task of data collection, analysis and reporting.

Environmental Performance Measured in Money
Reporting environmental performance in a language that decision-makers understand.

Independent and Objective
GCX is independent of all data providers, ensuring that we are unbiased while we work with you to identify anomalies and unlock value.

100% Confidence in Your Data
Data anomaly finder and query management systems ensure that your data is always accounted for. The GCX team continuously interrogates your data to ensure it is accurate and reliable, giving you complete data confidence.

Next-level Corporate Environmental Governance
GCX takes the hassle out of governance by providing reliable data around your environmental impact and delivering it in the various formats required for NGER, Carbon Tax, GRESB and CDP reporting or any other sector-specific formats.

Full Carbon Accounting, Reporting and Disclosure
The GCX dashboard and reporting platform is geared to give you all the information you need in all the relevant reporting formats and in line with carbon emission reduction targets.

Cloud-hosted Data Platform and Dashboard – Completely IT Independent
Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the platform and dashboards are accessible through any web browser and are reporting configured, automated and 100% secure.


GCX understands that where you are in your sustainability transition determines your unique business needs. We offer tiered solution packages to help you reach your objectives. Get in touch to discuss the right package for you.

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