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Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. Our data-driven tools and expertise uses a science-based approach to help businesses transform their operations into sustainable enterprises.


Sustainable business means efficiency, managed risks and new opportunities.

Facing the impacts of climate change is a key challenge for businesses. We believe that organisations who embed sustainability strategies to address the implications of climate change into their business models and governance processes, will drive a lasting competitive advantage.

GCX Climate will help you to turn climate change challenges into business opportunities through our various climate offerings:

GCX Carbon

We help businesses accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by analysing, managing and reporting on their carbon emissions and ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

GCX Energy

With power tariffs rising exponentially each year, there is an urgent need for companies to reduce energy consumption, its associated costs and related carbon footprint.

GCX Strategy

Climate concerns demand a comprehensive response that addresses the risks and seizes the opportunities. GCX will work with you to co-create and execute a strategy, customised to your specific needs.

GCX Carbon

GCX is well positioned to help your company transition to a low carbon economy; from giving strategic advice to on-the-ground implementation.

Unlock resource efficiency in your business.

Our business was built with the aim of helping companies adapt their organisation towards confidently making the transition to a low/no carbon economy and GCX Carbon remains at the core of our professional services. We have been part of the evolution of decarbonisation and our team of climate and carbon experts can assist you in measuring, analysing, managing and reporting your organisation’s carbon emissions through our proprietary, online dashboard and reporting platform. We use the business intelligence gained from your carbon data to help you reduce your carbon footprint and operating costs.

We help you navigate:

  • Meeting mandatory National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting (NGER) compliance disclosure requirements
  • Setting and tracking a net zero carbon target through Science Based Targets (SBT’s)
  • The development and implementation of Carbon data management and analytics frameworks
  • The technicalities of carbon accounting, reporting and disclosure
  • Climate and ESG reporting standards and benchmarks (E.g. CDP, TCFD, GRESB)
  • The complexities of carbon pricing, carbon tax and offsetting

gcx energy

Energy efficiency is considered to be the low hanging fruit of climate action. Given the current trend of exponential tariff increases and the increasing efficiencies of green technologies, the business case for an effective energy management program and all its elements are a fantastic way of managing environmental risk and providing a return on your sustainability spend.

Energy management is vital to reducing and optimising your energy consumption to ensure that energy is firstly being controlled and managed to minimise wastage.

Our energy services include:

  • Energy monitoring, targeting and reporting
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 energy audits
  • Mapping and development of energy management systems

GCX Strategy

Developing a corporate climate change strategy is complex. It involves the collaboration of multiple stakeholders and needs to stretch across all assets and activities across an entire operation. GCX Strategy delivers implementable climate and sustainability strategies and action plans that allow for effective and measurable performance management.

At GCX, we have spent over a decade researching, developing and fine-tuning our own Sustainability Hierarchy to bring structure to our clients’ environmental programmes.

This hierarchy addresses the critical shortfalls that we see in many organisations: the attempt to set targets, implement projects and to improve performance without the basics being in place.

GCX Strategy will help your business to:

  • Understand all the risks and opportunities
  • Track all financial and non-financial data
  • Implement a management system
  • Create and maintain a strategic roadmap with targets and milestones
  • Develop an action plan that delivers on the strategy

The outcome? A very clear strategic roadmap together with the visibility and transparency of the GCX Eco-Analytics platform, equips our clients with exactly what they require to design, measure and manage the impact of their climate and sustainability program.


GCX understands that where you are in your sustainability transition determines your unique business needs. We offer tiered solution packages to help you reach your objectives. Get in touch to discuss the right package for you.

Serious about becoming a resource-efficient and sustainable business? Unlock the benefits and opportunities with the Climate experts.

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